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Photo Prints


This is not as shiny and glossy as other prints, but not as flat as matte paper either. As far as print style options go, it’s like an “eggshell finish” and is textured in a way that hides fingerprints well. Many portraits and wedding photos are typically printed using this finish as it gives kind of a classic look.


This is a high gloss finish print style option with very saturated colors. It really pops and makes it appear as though the image is printed on metal (think: back side of aluminum foil). Really cool looking but one thing to wary of is that the bright areas (highs) of the photo tend to be really over-highlighted on metallic paper. Other than that, this looks awesome.

Acrylic Face Mounting

The Wow factor of photo mounting. Your photo printed and then face mounted to the back of a 4.5mm thick acrylic sheet with polished edges. Aluminium backed for strength and protection. The hanging system makes the final piece sit off the wall giving it a floating effect.

Acrylic Sample 1Acrylic Sample 3

Aluminum Block Mounting

Thin, light and modern. Mounting the image to a specially prepared piece of thin aluminium sheet, then applying a protective super gloss or matt protective film over the photo for final presentation and protection. The hanging system at the back gives the final product the effect that it is floating off the wall

Aluminium Sample 3Aluminium Sample 2Aluminium Sample 1

Canvas Mounts

Traditionally printed using the latest inks and specially coated with an ultra strong UV guarded protective heat seal laminate and stretched on a thick bar, our canvas is hard to beat both on quality and price. Canvas can also be supplied rolled ready for stretching complete with protective coating.

Canvas Sample 1Canvas Sample 4Canvas Sample 2

Contemporary Frames

Available in a range of colour options, these prints look wonderful in traditional frames.

Frame SampleFrame Sample 1