Our Process

A job for us is more than just fulfilling a brief. We like to understand the client and their brand always aiming to deliver more than what is expected. To be able to give our clients this, we work through a process that becomes personalised to each project.

1. Getting to Know You

Our first step to delivering high-quality results is understanding your needs and objectives. We want to understand the story you are trying to tell, so we can find the best way to tell it whether that be with stills, video or both.

2. Pre-Production

Next we come to you, we see your space or we find a space to tell your story. We make sure every question has been answered, all props and talent have been considered, the dates and times are scheduled and our shot list has been established.

3. It’s time for Production!

The day/s have come, all of the nitty gritty has been sorted out and now it’s time to shoot. Our high-quality results demand premium equipment, from specialised lighting, to camera and video gear.

4. Post-Production

Halfway there! Within our team we continue to work hard to finesse your final result. Again, if it’s stills or video this can include editing, colour grading, retouching and a soundtrack or graphics for video. This is the step that brings everything together to finalise your project.

5. Voilà

We’ve captured your story it’s now time for everyone to see it. Whether that’s on social media, a website, in print or something different … it’s always exciting to share imagery and vision with our clients and see their reaction.

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